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City as a Platform

    Creating Digitally Integrated Public Ecosystems     The next evolution of Smart Cities will place increased focus on Livability, Workability, and Sustainability.     Cities that engage technology to support these goals will provide faster and...

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The Growing Importance of Predictive Analytics

  Predictive Analytics is fast reaching a plateau of productivity in the Hype Cycle for Data Science and Machine Learning (Gartner).     As the primary market forces of Globalisation, Digitisation and Deregulation...

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Globetom at Digital Transformation World 2022

  See our Open APIs in action   We're excited to be part of Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen. If your business strives to automatically and seamlessly integrate platforms, integrate catalogs, manage balances,...

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Get started with the Buzz Lynx API

  Buzz Lynx delivers a one-stop customer communication platform with integrated journeys for you to track the quality of your customer communication and engagement.   The Buzz Lynx RESTful Web Service API enables...

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Containerised deployment of TM Forum Open APIs

  Microsoft, Google, Airbnb and Uber are examples of organizations that successfully enabled platform-based ecosystems through digital enablement of multiple stakeholders on a single platform to commercially transact. While the telecommunication...

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Digital Transformation in a matter of weeks

  Globetom enables companies to accelerate their Digital Transformation with our Integration Platform as a Service offering. The solution utilises standard open APIs for ecosystem integration at scale, including mobile wallets,...

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Poised for Growth: Integration Platform Services is Key

  [embed][/embed]   South African-based technology company, Globetom, has established itself as a differentiating contributor in the vital arena of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), locally and internationally. According to Gartner, a...

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Subscription Billing: Donation Management

  Manage all of your donations   The Revenue Weaver Donation Management solution helps your charity to manage all of your donation collections. You can manage all of your donors and receive...

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Subscription Billing

  Manage your subscription business models   The Revenue Weaver Subscription Billing solution helps your businesses to manage your subscription business models. You can manage all of your customers and receive revenue...

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Globetom's CEO Presents at SATNAC 2019

Globetom’s CEO Presents at SATNAC 2019

  Open APIs for Digital Services   Globetom's CEO, Philip Stander, will be presenting at SATNAC 2019, the Southern Africa Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference hosted by Telkom. Philip will be presenting on...

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Globetom at CANTO 2019

  From the 21st to the 24th of July 2019, the Globetom team will be attending the 35th Annual CANTO Conference and Trade Exhibition in Trinidad. Globetom's Group CEO, Philip Stander,...

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Orcha Makes a Splash at SEACOM

  In recognition of SEACOM licensing of Globetom’s Orcha platform as their enterprise integration platform, Globetom has symbolically adopted an orca called Echo from the Southern Resident Community in the Pacific...

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Blockchain as a Catalyst for Smart Cities

  The Blockchain technology which enables cryptocurrency has much greater worth than the monetary value of the cryptocurrency itself. Using the technology, which creates a distributed ledger, can provide transparency, security...

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Introducing the Phygital Store

  Online shopping has completely altered the shopping experience and the ‘traditional’ physical store is changing. The new obstacle for retailers and network operators? To turn potential clientele from visitors into...

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Digital Services Journey

The need for incumbent Communication Service Providers to transform rapidly to grab a piece of the Over-the-Top market and become Digital Service Providers is no longer an initiative, but a...

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Globetom Readies to Take on Nigeria

  The wholesale distribution margin squeeze is expected to increase, particularly as the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in the GSM market declines and competition increases.   This is according to the cloud...

Read More Goes Mobile Thanks to Globetom

  Globetom, has extended the functionality of well-known golfing portal with the addition of an HTML 5-based mobile application that allows for enhanced accessibility and usability.   lastminutegolf was developed by Globetom...

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Globetom Rolls Out @EMS

  Globetom announced that it has successfully rolled out its Java-based Network Element Management technology into three African countries for the management of the satellite transmission equipment used by GSM operators...

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Globetom Secures Monfox Agency

  Globetom announced today its conclusion of a distributor agreement with Monfox for the distribution and use of its DynamicTMN toolkit for the management of telecoms networks using ITU-T standards-based protocols.   With...

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Globetom Completes Server Conversion

  Globetom announced it has successfully converted a large, mission-critical PA-RISC processor-based infrastructure with an Intel-XEON-based server farm.   The customer, who may not be disclosed owing to the strategic nature of the...

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Globetom Launches Database Solution

  Centurion-based Globetom today announced the launch of Ada-My-ND, a product that fills a critical gap in the market by making it possible to move the substantial Adabas-C database deployments used...

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